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Guidelines and Submission Images Requirements...




3. PAID SERVICE (£50.00) - FEATURED WITH 4 PAGES: 3-5 images - Order this package

4. PAID SERVICE (£85.00) - FEATURED WITH 8 PAGES: 6-10 images - Order this package

5. PAID SERVICE (£120.00) - FEATURED WITH 12 PAGES: 10-15 images - Order this package

  • All submitted images must be in JPG format and with sRGB color profile
  • Allowed image sizes:
- Landscape format: 17 × 11 inches (5100 x 3300 pixels), 300 dpi (pixels/inch)
- Portrait format: 8.5 × 11 inches (2550 x 3300 pixels), 300 dpi (pixels/inch)
  • Xclusive Photo Mag only accept submissions from the photographer.
  • All submitted images are not necessarily approuved for publication.
  • Send only your best quality images and make sure your photos DON’T have a logo/watermark on it.
  • Photos don’t have to be exclusive or unpublished!
  • We accept all traditional photographic styles with the exception of offensive and pornographic images.
  • Always include a separate text file including your full name, website and social networks links. Write a few words about yourself and about your photographic journey. Don’t forget to write credits for each photograph submitted.
NOTE: We do have a totally free online version of the magazine but we do not give out free printed or PDF copies, or pay for shoots when publication is offered free of charges. However, we do offer for FREE one printed edition and one PDF edition to every paid featured photographers, no matter the number of pages purchased. Also, we do offer, for FREE, tear sheets to published photographers (Not for Readers Gallery).
Once an issue is being released, it is available for purchase through Blurb printing store. The purchase link will be posted to our Facebook page on the release day but we also have a permanent “Order” page on our website.
If needed, we also have a Calendar page showing all publications and closing dates for the magazine.
Make sure you like our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages to get all updates and release information.
Xclusive Photo Mag is on FacebookXclusive Photo Mag is on InstagramXclusive Photo Mag is on Twitter
Rejection Reasons:
  • Your work is considered unsuitable for our magazine.
  • The quality of the work is not high enough or image size requirement is not respected.
  • Wardrobe is repeated throughout the editorial.
  • Repeated makeup looks.
  • Images contain watermarks.
  • You have not supplied enough images to create a full feature.
  • You have submitted images for a paid feature but we did not receive your payment.


Send only high resolution images to the email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using exclusively one of the two free services: DROPBOX or WETRANSFER. Before submitting your work for publication, please read the full Terms & Conditions.

B&W Special Edition